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Merry Christmas from Tino and his family...............


Hello, this is Tino.   I have a couple of words to say:  Thank you OCR for your good work and for finding my family who adore me...TeeHee... I have them figured out!!

From Tino’s Mom....

Thank you again for letting me bring Tino into my heart and home. He is the most wonderful boy in the world.  He is never more than a few feet from me when I am home unless he is asleep and doesn't know I have moved. ( he is quite deaf now)

No matter how small the space I am in he squeezes in with me and doesn't want me to get out of his sight,  eg..our ensuite bathroom that is VERY small.

The vet thinks he is older than originally thought, he is getting quite grey and has very bad arthritis in his back. He is on pain killers and doing better.

He is the love of my life and every moment with him is pure joy.  He now loves his big dog pillow...he wouldn't have anything to do with it at first. He and Dallas (my other dog) are the best of buddies and the cats love him also. Who wouldn't?

He doesn't like the flash on the camera so it is hard to get a picture with him smiling.