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Taylah is now a St John Ambulance therapy dog...
In March, 2012, we had put in an adoption request for a collie named "Taylah". When OCR contacted us, and told us that Taylah would be joining our family we were ecstatic. Taylah is a beautiful tri coloured, rough coat collie with the sweetest collie nature, she loves everyone, and we adore her.

When Taylah came to us she was 7[1/2 months old, with the wonderful, loving personality which collies have. I was hoping that when she got a little older, that she and I could train together and become part of the St. John Ambulance therapy dog team. Knowing how much Taylah enjoyed people I just knew she would enjoy visiting them in Hospital or retirement residences.

Taylah is now two, and on 28th September, 2013, Taylah and I completed our training, and later this year will begin our therapy dog visiting.

Thank you OCR from the bottom of our hearts for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives, and through you she will bring so much joy to so many, you do such wonderful work in finding forever homes for all these lovely collies, those that have them are indeed fortunate.

Thank you! From Sue and Geoff and a collie kiss from Taylah