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Success Story from Marshall’s family

My husband and I adopted our then one-year old puppy on July 22, 2010 from the Okanagan Collie Rescue!  It is hard to believe a whole year has gone by, but we have just passed the one year mark with Marshall as a member of our family!  Marshall has fit in so well with our 10 year old lady collie named Kayla.  It didn’t take him long to figure out that Kayla really has an alpha personality, and he has such a sweet nature, that he just accepted that.   He loves walks and likes to “talk” during them, doing a kind of chatter-y bark as he trots along…this is magnified if Kayla is along, too, as he apparently needs to tell her lots, too!  To date, he has only had two thieving episodes…one bun off the dining room table, and most recently he got into the large box of milk bones (the one in the basement that we fill the smaller upstairs container from) and ate half the box one afternoon while we were out!  Our first clue was when he didn’t want his supper! He is a snuggler, and adores belly rubs!  We love him very much, and he seems very settled with us. 

Just before Christmas time, Marshall had to have major surgery for a “sub-luxated tendon” in his right hind leg – the specialist had to reconnect the tendon to the bone using a permanent pin, and permanent sutures.  Needless to say, this was extremely costly, and it took awhile for Marshall’s leg, and our bank account, to recover.  We still have to take it really easy on walks, as I can tell that it hurts him sometimes.  I don’t think he will ever be a dog who can gallop at large in the dog park, as I just can’t afford to have this tendon come apart again, nor do I want it happening to the other leg.  The specialist remarked that this is a fairly common problem in collies, and greyhounds.  Marshall is my 5th collie, so I obviously was lucky up until this point with this issue.   He went to the specialist for a re-check visit last month, and the report was good…the pin is staying in place nicely, and the scar tissue is forming properly around the site.

We are blessed to have him with us.  Yesterday was Marshall’s second birthday, so we baked doggy oatmeal/beef bouillon cookies, plus human sugar cookies in the shape of collies and paws!!  He is a sweet, dear dog.  


Thank you for all you did to facilitate bringing Marshall to us!


From:  Sharon, July 2011