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Jasper (formerly Sabre)

Hello OCR:

Just wanted to get in touch and let you know how things are going with Jasper (formerly Sabre). He has the run of the house and is training us in the most hilarious ways!  He's very communicative and has been able to fill up his days with activities and routines custom-designed by him! It's been comical to watch him do this. It starts early in the morning with his gentle wake-up calls to Brian (nose to nose bedside) for a.m. walk, breakfast, etc. When it's time to play he goes looking for his fetch balls and takes them to whoever he wants to play with. He stares when it's time for a noon pee break and snack and again around 5 pm. He sleeps on our feet in order to be alerted if we get up and move somewhere. He's always with one of us (including following us into the bathroom) unless he's gated in the kitchen while we do errands. On the odd occasion he loses us in the house he barks until he finds us. He gets very cuddly and snuggly at night when he is sleepy and herds the last straggler into the bedroom. He has lots of jobs and takes his position in the house very seriously!  We just love this little guy so much. He has a big heart and lovely soul...makes every day a total joy. Thank you again for helping to bring him to us.


                   Jasper with a friend