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Dear OCR,

Just dropping you a quick note to let you know Buddy is working out beautifully. I wasn't expecting such a wonderful well-adjusted personality, and we all keep saying to each other that we couldn't imagine having a
better dog, or life without him now - after only 5 days....

We are now actively looking for time to schedule some formal training for him. Attached is a relaxed Buddy at the end of the day. There are moments when he really does look like a big fox, and I wonder if his time spent
wandering before rescue developed his small prey hunting drive. He really likes our backyard as it is currently overrun with squirrels, but I don't expect that to last long with his regular patrols. What more can I say?

is sweet and gentle, been good with all sorts of dogs we've encountered on neighborhood walks (both the friendly and the not so friendly) can be a little shy at times, but with reassurance adapts even when surrounded by school kids or like when he met his little cousins and aunt & uncle all at once who surrounded him and showered him with attention. I know I would have been intimidated, but he handled it very well. 

We love him dearly.


Buddy(Now Wiley)'s family