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My Husband and I adopted Bergie (Liath) in December '09.  We both feel like we have won the jackpot of rescue dogs as she is absolutely wonderful.  Bergie is so happy and full of personality—we spend much of our time laughing at her silly antics.  She is confident, curious, and friendly, which goes to show that not all “rescue” dogs come with issues resulting from neglect or abuse.  Quite the opposite…Bergie was clearly cared for and loved...


Between runs, walks, dog-park visits and agility class, Bergie seems very content to be home.  Actually, lazy is perhaps a better word; she is the only dog I have ever had that is not waiting to go out in the morning… no, not Bergie…she groans, moans, stretches and doesn’t move…ever-hopeful that we may not notice her and will leave her behind!  In fact, I’m quite sure if she had her way, she would get up at the crack of noon! 


In true collie form, Bergie likes other animals.  She is very good with our two cats, although she seems to enjoy occasionally stirring up our youngest drama queen.  Despite the efforts of the latter to remain distant and aloof, an apparent friendship seems to be forming.


The last eight months have been fantastic and the bond between us continues to grow.  We are so happy to have Bergie in our lives and look forward to many wonderful years to come.  Many thanks to OCR for bringing us together; I couldn’t imagine a greater gift!

Agility 1

Agility 2

Agility 3