Coat: Sable    
  Size: Small
 Gender: Male
 Age: 6 Years

Seamus is a petite 6 year old sable & white rough coated, neutered male collie.   He is an outgoing, friendly and a happy-go-lucky collie who loves children and playing with other dogs.   He has also lived with cats before and does not seem to mind them.   He is house-trained, walks well on leash.   He came in to rescue on Feb 28, and is currently living with a foster family with two other dogs and young children. 

Recent update from Seamus foster mom:  Seamus is definitely not overweight. He's not skinny either.  He is a sweetie - he barked when we first got home today but other than that hasn't said a word. He has quite a lot of hesitation with the stairs.   But oh he's a love. He and Mikki (my collie) seemed to have called a truce - only broken when they both find themselves in the same corner at the same time - and Clancy (my Sheltie) is over the moon and having a new buddy.  He was fine on his own in the house today although some excitement pee'ing when we came in. Fair enough - he must have been wondering if anyone was ever coming back for him.

Seamus will be a wonderful companion to a family with young children, or a playmate to another dog.

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