Sabine - Pure Sable

I have been fortunate to share my life with some wonderful dogs over the years. One of those special dogs is an OCR Collie.

My partner and I knew we would have to say goodbye to our Sheltie Sasha – a rescue dog from the SPCA who came to us with renal failure. After Sasha passed away peacefully in our home, we began to consider adopting another rescue dog.

We had found Sasha on the Petfinders web site, and went back to the site to look for an appropriate dog who would fit well into our lives. Up popped a beautiful rough coat collie from OCR.

We contacted OCR and, after a very long telephone conversation, Janet – who has an inate ability to match people with dogs – told me about Sabrina, who was being fostered in Calgary. We saw pictures of this beautiful dog and immediately asked to be considered as her adoptive parents.

Sabrina had been part of a breeder’s kennel that had been surrendered to the Calgary Humane Society. OCR was able to rescue all but 2 of the dogs. After a short time, Sabrina was returned to the Humane Society, and OCR took her into their care.

We went through the process of a home check, and on a Sunday that I won’t forget, OCR called to say they had a dog they felt was suitable for us. Needless to say, we accepted.

Sabrina became Sabine, who is my doggy soul mate. Not only did we receive the gift of a wonderful member of our family, but we now count many of the women involved in OCR as good friends.

Sabine has saved our house from being broken into and robbed – the good watch dog that she is. She is compassionate with the foster dogs we now take in, and she is above all else our good friend.

We are extremely grateful to Leslie, who was Sabine’s foster mom (who cared for Sabine so much she almost decided to keep her), and to Janet, who made such a wonderful match.

Would we rescue again? You bet! Many of these dogs have suffered neglect and abuse, but their souls remain strong and they respond well to consistent care and affection. In our time with these dogs, we have been fortunate to watch their confidence grow day by day, and witness their personalities bloom in a stable, loving home environment. We wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Lynn O