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Remembering Kobe


07-FEB-2006 – 15-MAY-2019


My dear Kobe came to me in AUG 2013 to be fostered with the  intention that I would adopt him.  He came with a greasy coat and scabs from scratching and an incredible odour.  I took him for grooming and it did seem to help the odour but the scratching continued and the odour came back.  OCR suggested I take him to a Vet at Frazer Heights who diagnosed him with Seborrhea which is a genetic skin disease for which there is no cure and it can only be managed.

 I adopted him because he had a wonderful temperament and he needed a home where he would be loved and cared for.  Although Kobe had many health issues he was such a good natured dog and he loved people and dogs and what more could you ask for.

Kobe very likely came from a puppy mill.  He lived outdoor fulltime before he was surrendered to OCR, and was fed poor quality food so his chances for good health was slim.

Kobe was very well mannered and he loved being groomed.  I was able to stop his scratching which was so wonderful for him. He loved his walks and he would go after a tennis ball but toys were foreign to him.  When he came I already had Leah, another collie who is definitely the alpha.  I think Kobe was used to that because he had lived with another female collie who likely was also the alpha.

It has been a great loss for both Leah and myself.  I had no idea just how much grief Leah would go through.  It has taken me a long time to be able to write about my Kobe and even now it brings tears to my eyes.