Old grey PJ came to us for fostering in July 2006, through Okanaghan Collie Rescue. PJ's family left him outside for most of his life, alone to wander the streets. They decided not to retrieve him when he ended up at a local shelter (again).

PJ was terribly underweight, sick and weak with severe muscle atrophy. He was also in incredible pain from severely infected gums and rotting teeth. OCR ensured he quickly received medical care for his teeth and gums.

PJ soon began to understand the pleasures of a warm bed, a steady supply of food, and the love of humans. PJ lived the last 14 months of his life in comfort, and embraced in love - for that we are incredibly thankful.

Our hands touched him, our arms hugged him. We covered his old grey muzzle in kisses daily, told him we loved him and that he was a good boy.

PJ went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, Sept 14, with Dave and I at his side. We shall remember him for what he enjoyed - being massaged and brushed, getting his ears rubbed, laying in the grass at Lions Park and going for car rides with his furry gal-pal Tessa. You were so forgiving to this world, PJ.

"One may not reach the dawn, save by the path of the night."
- Kahlil Gibran