Miki came into our lives in April of 2001 when he was rescued from a bad situation in Cloverdale. Janet Lamont initially asked if we could foster Miki until a more permanent placement could be found. However, once Miki revealed some of his "issues" to us we decided he best stay with us as it could have proven to be a challenge to find just the right "fit" for him and his quirks. My husband and I were empty nesters thus no children or grandchidren living in the house; just the three of us!

So, my husband and I spent many, many hours socializing Miki and teaching him how to behave among other pets and people in a more positive and acceptable way. Over the years we could see him grow and flourish into a loveable, forgiving and precious member of our family. He became ill with Cushings disease about three years ago but we were fortunate to get all symptoms under control. His age crept up on him about a year later when his mobility became difficult. But, he persisted and we learned to "read" him; when he could go for a wee walk or when he just wanted to stay on his "woogie".

We thank Dr. Moira for her kindness and good care when the time came to send Miki on his final journey (Sept, 2011). He was able to die with my husband, myself and three of our four adult children at his side. We had all grown to love this big boy so much we knew we had to stay with him until the end as this is what he would have wanted from us. We talked about some of his funny moments when he was younger and more vibrant; and how he loved our little neices from Texas that had just visited this fall! He followed them about the yard as best he could and never once did he give us reason to think he would be anything other than a gentleman around them!

So, there you have it. Our big boy has now traveled to the Rainbow Bridge and we trust he will wait there for us until it is our turn to take our forever journey; where we will pick him up on our way to heaven so he can come and be with us there ALWAYS!