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Fiona (Collie)

Coat: Blue Merle - Rough
  Size: Large
 Gender: Female (Spayed)
 Age: 12
Went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 28, 2013.
Fiona is a gentle, affectionate and content 12 year old collie. She came to us after her owner contacted us with a plea for assistance. After discussing Fiona’s needs, and trying to find a way for us to support Fiona while still remaining in the owner’s care, it was clear this would not be possible. Fiona has been in one of our foster homes since August.  

When Fiona came to us, she was immediately taken to a groomer, where it was decided it would be best to shave her, rather than attempt to remove her very matted coat by brushing it out. She was also taken to our vet, where she received treatment for a severe bladder infection. We had hoped this would be all she would require to clear her incontinence, but she continued to have the problem after the bladder infection was cleared. She is now on propalin, a hormone for incontinence. We are very happy to report that she is no longer incontinent as a result of this medication (her foster Mom is especially happy about this!). The other medical issue Fiona has is weakness of her musculature, particularly of her back end. This is improving due to the care of her current foster Mom, who is taking her for regular short walks and performing daily rehab exercises with her (as prescribed by a physiotherapist).

Due to Fiona’s age and medical needs, she will not be adoptable, hence she is being placed in permanent foster care. This means she will live out the rest of her life in a loving home, where all her needs will be met. In order to support the ‘foster parents’, OCR will pay for all of her expenses for the duration of her life.

Any donations toward Fiona’s care would be greatly appreciated. We currently have two seniors in permanent foster care, both are incurring considerable expenses, due to their medical needs. Thank-you for considering supporting Fiona’s medical needs.