IN MEMORY - Chinook

Chinook entered our lives in October 2007 after the family she was with opted to release her to rescue for the crime of being too old to endure another winter outdoors.  She was 11 years old.  From the moment she walked in, we could see how very special this dog was.  Not only was Chinook a beautiful little girl, but she had a sweet and loving personality which made it very easy to fall in love with her.  It wasn't long before we officially adopted this precious soul.

It took Chinook a few months to understand that this was her home.  She was comfortable and much loved, but for a while it seemed she thought she was just with us temporarily.  After a time, once the realization hit, she showed her affection more freely, and I got my first collie kiss.  It was one of only a few that she would bestow on me during her time with us, but they were more precious because she didn’t give them freely. 

No matter how long our beloved pets and companions are with us, it is never long enough.  Our beautiful collie girl is gone.  Life got to be too much of a struggle for her, and she was slowly losing the battle with all of her ailments.  We are heartbroken.  Chinook taught me much, but mostly about strength of spirit.  When life knocked her down, she would simply get back up and keep on going.  Chinook celebrated her 13th birthday one week before she died.  Her time with us was brief, but she made an everlasting impression on us.  We are going to dearly miss that beautiful little face and her sweet, sweet soul.