To download the adoption application form to your computer:

  1. Below you will see the file name "OCR Appl Form.doc.  Left Click on the ARROW and this will place (download) a copy of the file to your computer (make note of where your computer is storing this file). 
  2. Open this file on your computer in Microsoft Word or compatible word processing program, fill in the form, then save the file to your computer.
  3. Send us an email to and include the completed form as an attachment to the email.
  4. There are instructions on the form for alternative ways to send us the application form.
  5. If you encounter difficulties using the OCR Appl Form.doc (Word version), please use the OCR Appl Form.pdf (PDF) version.  Left Click the ARROW for the PDF file to download and print it.  After filling in the printed application by hand, scan and email, or fax it back to us.


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