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As a non-profit group, OCR relies on contributions from many sources to fulfill its mission.  In the evolution of this website, there are a few people who have worked many hours in anonymity to conceptualize and construct this tool that communicates the activities of the organization to its audience and supporters.  OCR wishes to acknowledge the work of those who pioneered this effort and have passed the torch to others to carry on.

Chris Bradshaw
Chris set the groundwork for OCR's original website and set the structure of how to tell OCR's story and deliver the information in the most relevant form to its online audience.  Through much experimentation and hours of testing new ideas, the ocr website became an essential tool to present the collies available for adoption to an audience of prospective adopters who benefited greatly from the enhanced and timely information that a website is able to deliver.
Thank you Chris, for your early (and somewhat unsung) work.