Coat: Smooth Sable
  Size: Medium
 Gender: Female
 Age: 12

ED (pronounced Eee-Dee, an abbreviation for Emma Dog)

ED came into our care in early February. She is a very affectionate and gentle collie who loves nothing more than to be close to her family. She is perfectly content to lie on her bed, watching her foster Mom cook meals in the kitchen. ED is a senior who still loves her daily walks - 30 minute walks are no problem. She is fine with cats and gets along with other dogs. Young dogs that bounce around in front of her are gently told (with a little growl) that she is no longer into this!

In terms of her health, she has been fully checked by our vet, and her blood work and urinalysis have come back normal. ED has an incontinence problem, which is managed by daily doses of propalin. She will be seeing our vet again shortly for a full dental cleaning and extraction of a few bad teeth.

ED would be a wonderful companion to a family who would like the gentle and calm nature of a senior collie. She will be available for adoption after her dental treatment has been completed.

Update: Emma Dog has been placed in permanent foster care with one of OCR’s wonderful fosters. She is living in a one level home with easy access to a shaded back yard from the kitchen. She sleeps a good part of the day on her bed (with head on her pillow!) in the kitchen. She is still walking 30 minutes twice daily. Emma loves the fact that someone is at home with her all day, and she can readily receive affection from her humans any time she asks!

OCR is extremely grateful to the people who have opened their home to this senior, who so desperately deserved to spend her remaining days in comfort and with dignity.

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