Coat: Smooth (mixed breed)
  Size: Medium
 Gender: Female, spayed
 Age: 3.5 years
 Notes: Tika is a fun-loving and active collie cross (we believe she has some smooth coat collie in her, perhaps some german shepherd and something else that has made her smaller than these 2 breeds – she weighs 42 lbs). Tika can run like the wind and demonstrates terrific agility when leaping onto and over logs in the forest. Outside she is all play and energy, inside the house she is gentle and loving (a bit of a couch potato). She has spent the last year with a collie, a german shepherd and a cat. She plays well with the other dogs, and tries to entice the cat to play. Tika is very smart, and learns quickly in rally and obedience classes. She has excellent focus in controlled environments, such as rally classes. Outside, her focus is lost if there are squirrels or other moving things, as she has the urge to chase (she has never caught anything, but the drive to chase is always there). Tika is a great traveller, she loves to join her people for car rides.

Tika came into our care with a broken hind leg. She has had surgery to repair the leg, followed by rehabilitation. The leg is now fully healed, and it does not interfere with any of her functional activities, including her walks/runs in the forest. TIka will need an active household for regular outdoor activities, as well as owners who are interested in keeping up with her training, and are able to establish that they are the ‘leaders’ of the pack. She would do very well with people interested in rally training or perhaps agility classes.

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