Karma (Rough Collie)

Rough   Size: Medium/Large
 Gender: Female (spayed)  Age: 5 years old


Karma is a spayed 5 year-old sable Collie (perhaps with a splash of Border Collie?) who weighs ~50lbs.


Karma has so many of the qualities that we love in the collie breed. She is a loving, loyal dog who adores spending time with her people. Like most collies, Karma is extremely athletic yet calm in the house; she clearly enjoys physical and mental activities but is equally happy to relax during those hours in between. 


Karma is a people dog. She is an affectionate companion who loves to cuddle, learn, and please. Karma is comfortable with strangers although she needs reminders to dial back her exuberance when meeting visitors; Karma sometimes assumes they are as excited to meet her as she is to meet them but is quickly learning that sitting politely is a win-win. Karma would do best placed with a calm individual or couple, as energetic children may lead to over-excitement. 


Karma is currently fostered in a home with dogs. She enjoys hanging out with her furry friends and engages in a little playtime with her lab buddy, although she needs a few reminders to ease off the herding game. Karma has had exposure to cats (seems to be fine). She does not show any interest in chasing bikes or cars. Karma enjoys being groomed and her coat, which is shorter than that of a typical rough collie, is quite easy to care for with a quick brush. Karma is fine with having her teeth cleaned, although not keen on her nails getting trimmed. Karma is house-trained and sleeps beautifully in her crate every night. She does not chew or destroy anything in the home, nor does she counter-surf. Karma enjoys spending time in the yard with her people and is happy to watch the world go by as her foster family works in the garden. 

Karma is comfortable being left at home with her dog pals; she is learning that it is also OK to be left completely alone, and that a Kong stuffed with treats is a good way to pass the time waiting for her people to return.

Karma would most likely thrive in a dog sport such as agility, herding, or nose work. This intelligent and athletic dog is eager to please and quick to learn. She has the fundamental obedience skills and more such as:

  • Holding down position from a distance
  • Waiting for permission to eat (sits and gives eye contact until command given) *Karma has no resource guarding around people, and she will immediately back off food or toys if told to leave)
  •  “Wait” at door thresholds (always enters or exits after her human)
  • Respecting boundaries such as staying out of the kitchen
  • Learning “middle” (similar to “come” but dog goes around behind person, then stands between legs; we are hoping this may be a useful strategy in her training)

Karma is fear reactive towards new/strange dogs. We have been working hard on this in fostering and are pleased with her progress. Karma has already become desensitized to neighbourhood barking and, while curious, no longer becomes over aroused. Karma has quickly learned that occasionally sitting quietly at the window is a pleasant activity. She is also making huge steps walking calmly on a loose leash in the neighbourhood (no dogs in sight) rather than her previous state of near-perpetual high arousal. We are also practicing seeing/passing dogs at a controlled distance, and she continues to improve each week. Helping Karma overcome her fear reactivity is a work in progress and will require ongoing training.


Karma is one of those dogs who quickly works her way in your heart. We believe Karma will be a wonderful canine companion for that calm, patient, and experienced person who is willing to give this amazing dog a forever home. 

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Karma with foster family dogs