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Wally (Collie-X)

Coat: Medium   Size: Large
 Gender: Male (neutered)  Age: Adult (approx 4 -7 years old

Update from Wally's foster on December 23, 2016:

I thought it was a good time for an update on Wally, we think he is doing really well.

Fran and I have been noticing that Wally has really settled down a lot. He still loves to play with Brodie and Rango, but we are really seeing a lot more relaxed dog and one that is acting like the older dog he is. His energy level is still a little higher than our boys, but not notably so. I think he feels the stability and security , which is building trust and the result we are seeing is  a happy and more laid back dog. He can be very focused and you may have to lightly tap his thigh to get his attention but he responds very well to corrections. And when you have his attention he listens very well. He loves to go for a walk, and he continues to improve on leash and is much easier to handle now. I think that soon I will be able to walk him off leash, and he no longer darts out the door or looks for ways out of the yard. He is doing really well with meeting some dogs, he has some regulars that he knows and is good with. There are also a few we know to avoid, I think he is fearful of them, and they are usually the same ones that Rango reacts to.  Probably where the unneutered male thing comes in as they have that aura about them. Some of the really super hyper puppy type dogs are a little much for him, again I think they scare him. He is reactive to their energy and not an instigator. We take caution when meeting a new dog, but I find that given a couple minutes to settle he is fine and walking with them at a bit of distance really breaks the ice. The halti helps a lot, but we don't run into those situations much and as long as one is aware it is pretty easy to deal with.

He has adapted well to life with us, he knows his place with Rango and Brodie, and it has been a long time since he stepped out of line with Rango. As such he is accepted as part of the pack and Rango will even offer to play with him, which is something he has only ever done with Brodie up to now. He loves to cuddle up to anyone that will let him, but is equally happy to just hang out and relax on his dog bed, as long as he is with one of us. I often find him lying beside my feet and he will follow me down to the shop and just hang out while I work. He is even easy to groom, no fussing, and his coat isn't as heavy so it isn't such a task.

Overall I think once he is settled in his forever home, he will be a pretty awesome boy. Given some formal training and he would be exceptional, he is smart and agile, and really driven to please. He is also motivated by food and not nearly as fussy as ours are, so that is a great aid to further training too.  

********end of update******

Hello,  I am Wally!  Everyone I met told me they like me because I have a nice personality.  I am very friendly with people and greet everyone warmly.  I love dogs (except the unneutered male dogs) and get really excited when I meet them  – I just want to play with them.   I am an adult neutered male Collie X.   I have a rich tan medium coat, a handsome face with bright eyes and a warm smile, and I weigh a healthy 26 – 27 kg.  My profile photo does not show how handsome I am as I haven’t learnt to pose in front of the camera for my foster mom to take a good picture of me.   No one is sure about my age.  My foster family says I have the enthusiasm and energy of a 2 or 3 years old when I play with other dogs.  The best estimate of my age is between 4 – 7 years old.   Although I play hard outside, I am generally calm and very affectionate with my humans when I am inside the house.    In my foster home, there are two family collies who are my buddies.  We get along really well and I love playing with them.  I don’t even mind and accept with respect whenever they tell me to tone down my excitement.  I am house trained and my leash manners is slowly and surely improving when I see other dogs.   My recall is weak as I tend to let my curiosity in dogs/new smell and the outside world in general gets the better of me.  My foster family says I am smart and with proper training, I will be a great family pet, even an athlete if I am taken to agility training.  Am I the canine companion you are looking for?            

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