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Coat: Tri-color, Rough Coat
  Size: Large
 Gender: Male
 Age: 6 years

Update, Jan 2012: 

Ty had a wonderful time at his foster home over the holidays. He had the company of 3 other dogs and they all enjoyed many long walks and good times playing together. Ty is fitting in really well with his pack and has readily accepted new dogs into his current household. His coat is growing in nicely (please see the new photos added to his slide show). Above all, Ty likes to be close to his people; he prefers to relax in a room with someone close by. Ty is ready for adoption into his forever home. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about him.

Update from Ty’s foster home, Dec 12, 2011 

Ty has become a wonderful member of our 'pack,' adding a little spice to everyday life. He will actually track down a leash to let us know it is time to go for a walk, and he practically puts on his own collar! He is quite the character! His mobility has improved immensely with daily walks to the many trails in our area. His manners have also improved - we can now have all three dogs (our own 2 collies and Ty) eating together in the kitchen and chewing rawhides in the same room. We continue to supervise these activities, but Ty works hard to please us, and is learning the etiquette of multi-dog living. He even goes to the back door to ask to go 'oof', verbalizing the word as best he can - makes me laugh every time - what a wonderfully intelligent collie! Ty has proven to be very adaptable and willing to learn his place in the family. He is wonderfully outgoing with both people and dogs, and is a happy, loving, big and playful collie!

Original Posting: 

Tye is a friendly 6 year old rough coated collie. Due to severe matting of his coat, he has been shaved. Tye grew up in a family with young children and is particularly fond of people, both children and adults. His energy level is moderate. He is outgoing and calm, with a stubborn streak. He does not appear to like being groomed, but we expect this to improve once he has bonded and learned to trust his people.

He is good with other dogs, but has demonstrated some dominance over submissive dogs. He tends to guard his food from other dogs, warning them with a growl. Tye loves walks, especially when this involves socializing with other dogs at the dog park. While there, he often has the need to bark to announce his excitement! Tye will need some training to brush up on his leash manners.

Past medical records indicate some stiffness of his left back leg. This is being assessed by our veterinarian.

Tye will be a wonderful addition to a household looking for a friendly collie of moderate energy, who still exhibits puppy behaviour when he is excited.


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