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Tennison (sheltie)

Coat: long   Size: small/medium
 Gender: male (neutered)  Age: 7 years old

 Tennison’s foster mom describes him as a really great and sweet dog.  He loves to play, especially with his much younger foster collie sister.  He gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, as well as dogs he meets on walks and playdate.    He listens well, and learns quickly.   He walks well on leash, but can be strong and pulls when he is startled by sudden noise, such as big trucks, skateboards, motorcycles.   We were told he growls at people he met for the first time. However, his foster mom has not encountered any growling incident when he meets strangers on walks or at his foster home.   He is rather sensitive to sudden noises inside the house (e.g. turning on the hairdryer), and outside, and barks to show his distress.  He also barks when he is excited and happy, such as when a ball or anything is thrown for him to fetch.  As he listens well, he is improving and stops when he is told to be quiet.   

At 7 years of age, he is still very energetic, and walks a good 1.5 hours before becoming tired.  His ideal home would be one that is fairly active, without young children and cat, but with another dog as his companion.   He would also love a family who understands his quirks and helps him overcome his sensitivity to noise and things that moves on wheels. 

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Tennison enjoying a fun Beach outing.....

Tennison with young foster sister 

Tennison having a playdate on the beach

Tennison going for a walk