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Coat: Sable, Rough   Size: Large
 Gender: Male (neutered)  Age: 4 years
 Notes: Description provided by Sydney's foster in the 1st week or arrival:

We find Sydney to be a lovely, large sable and white collie, with freckled legs. He will be 4 years-old in December; he's approximately 80 lbs. and about 27 inches tall. His has a medium length, double coat, easy to maintain, and his feet do not need to be trimmed!

We would suggest that he needs an experienced, firm yet gentle owner; Sydney is an independent thinker, but eager to please. Although he was used to spending time outside in his previous home, we find him very well-behaved and calm in the house. He sleeps quietly through the night at our bedside, a space shared with our two resident collies. He found his rest spot within a day of coming to us, right in the middle of the house so he can keep an eye on things! Sydney knows how to sit, come, stay, lay down, and shake-a-paw; he likes to place his paw on your foot when you are sitting down. He takes treats very gently from your hand, is very respectful of barriers, and will wait to be invited in at the door.

Sidney initiates play with our dogs, and he plays like a typical collie, lots of chase and be chased, not too much rough and tumble. In the recent time before he came to rescue, he was living with two cats, and he was raised with a young child for the first two years of his life.

He is very watchful, barks at people coming to the door, but listens well, quiets down and sits when asked. Sidney needs a fenced outdoor area as he will wander. He is especially good at chasing off bears, and he will chase deer; he will follow scents, totally disregarding commands to return in this instance. He exhibits great stamina and strength when he is off-leash on the trails. He displays dominant traits, but is responsive to gentle and positive corrections. When he is on leash, he will bark at people, bark and lunge at other dogs. He has shown to respond well to positive correction and will sit quietly, at times laying down calmly, while we chat with other dog owners in our neighborhood who have their dogs with them. Sydney's ideal home is one that has lots of rooms for him to run, and that his people are active in outdoor activities and take him for hiking, long walks, and even dog sports. He will also benefit from further training to improve his manners when meets and greets other dogs and people.

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