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Sophie (Collie)

Coat: Blue Merle
  Size: Medium
 Gender: Female Spayed
 Age: Approx 6 years
 Notes: Sophie is a rough coated blue merle collie, spayed, house trained, and approximately 6 years old. Not only is her name beautiful, she has a very sweet, calm and delightful personality. Sophie is friendly, outgoing, and respectful of people and dogs. She often lets her playful self out by bouncing around, play bowing and barking to entice her doggie friends to play. She greets visitors by wiggling around them, and when her greeting is returned with a pat, she would gently jump up and put her paws against the visitor as if to give a hug. Her favourite routines include spending some time in the garden or deck when the weather is nice, and going for walks. She walks well on leash

Sophie is hard of hearing and has vision issues which make some tasks a challenge for her, such as stairs. She can manage 1 or 2, but any more are difficult for her, regardless of whether they are indoors, outdoors, well lit, etc. Although her foster family has been working with her on this for a few weeks, there has been no progress. Also, she needs to be taught another method of recall other than oral or visual before she can be let off leash in any unsecured area..

She is looking for a home that will understand and cope with her special needs, a home with a secured yard where she can sit out on the lawn or deck while her family works in the garden, and a family who will take her for walks and playdates with other dogs.

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