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 Coat:  Sable  
 Small  Contact for information
 Gender:  Male    Age:  6 Years
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Seamus is a petite 6 year old sable & white rough coated, neutered male collie.   He is an outgoing, friendly and a happy-go-lucky collie who loves children and playing with other dogs.   He has also lived with cats before and does not seem to mind them.   He is house-trained, walks well on leash.   He came in to rescue on Feb 28, and is currently living with a foster family with two other dogs and young children. 

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Recent update from Seamus foster mom:  Seamus is definitely not overweight. He's not skinny either.  He is a sweetie - he barked when we first got home today but other than that hasn't said a word. He has quite a lot of hesitation with the stairs.   But oh he's a love. He and Mikki (my Collie) seemed to have called a truce - only broken when they both find themselves in the same corner at the same time - and Clancy (my Sheltie) is over the moon with having a new buddy.  He was fine on his own in the house today although some excitement pee'ing when we came in. Fair enough - he must have been wondering if anyone was ever coming back for him.

Seamus will be a wonderful companion to a family with young children, or a playmate to another dog. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010:

Seamus is, in a word, a delight. He is calm and gentle, perfect house manners even being alone in the house all day. He barks -  a lovely deep 'big dog' bark - but nothing excessive in it. We have quite a private backyard so only if one set of neighbours is out back is there anything for him to bark at. He barks. We call him into the house. Problem solved.

He's much better at the stairs now and follows me from room to room. I call him my stealth collie because he's so quiet in the house. I turn around and he's standing there gazing at me intently with his beautiful brown eyes. His appetite is good, though not always as enthusiastic as I'm used to seeing. His bed is beside ours and he comes up and lies down when we go to bed and he's still sleeping there in the morning when we get up.

We went for a long ramble this morning (oh, and he knows what the word 'walk' means so have to be careful not to throw it around unless I'm planning on actually doing it!). I had Seamus on the flexi and Clancy off leash - Seamus trotted along very nicely.  He greets everyone politely and trades sniffs with any dogs that come along then moves along happily.

He has no interest in toys and could care less about a tennis ball and why he should run and bring it back to me. He will instigate play with Clancy and while Clancy goes tearing through the house, Seamus gently lopes along behind LOL...Oh, and brushing him will get him bouncy and zoomy as well, although it's some of the slowest zoomies I've ever seen. 

He 'bounces' in fro

Short movie of Seamus walking

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nt of you, usually only when he's really excited to see you. He knows 'sit' but not stay, which is a shame because I was trying to get a nice picture of him at the lake today but he kept getting up to come over to me. If he's feeling neglected, he stands in front of you and taps you with his paw until he gets your attention. He loves treats and has the collie talent of poking that long nose right into pockets before you know what he's doing. He's fine with our cat, paying little or no attention to him unless the cat happens to wander right under his nose, and then he only gives a polite sniff. He loves all the usual hugs and pats and butt scratches and just being close to his humans. 

Sigh...I should have told you he was terrible and vicious and a hopeless case. But he's not. He's wonderfully all collie.  He wouldn't suit a very active household but he'd been so happy with a gentle walk once or twice a day and a person or family that love him. Because he doesn't really play with toys, it'd be nice for him to have another dog to be his companion but I can't see where he'd be stressed being an only dog either as long as he had two-legged company.