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Coat:  Tri-Colour       Size:  Small
 Gender:  Female
 Age:   3.5 yrs
 Notes: Pippi is a 3.5 year old female collie, who has recently come into our care. She is small, weighing 47 lbs and is in good health.  Pippi is not yet available for adoption, as she remains very shy, and needs the guidance of her experienced foster Mom to gain confidence. She will remain in foster care until we are confident that she is ready to go to her forever home. Pippi has sustained a bit of frost-bite on her paws. For this reason, we will be looking for a home on the West Coast, so she can enjoy the more temperate winters.

March 2, 2010
Having come from the same unfortunate situation as Honey, we have been working hard on socializing this young collie. Her foster Mom reports progress on a weekly basis. For the first few weeks, she had spent most of her day hiding under a desk, or in an ex pen in one room in the house. Recently, she surprised her foster Mom by resting by her feet despite the fact that several of the husband’s friends had come over for a visit (normally she would have hidden from unfamiliar people). In addition, the visitors stayed for dinner and to watch some of the Olympics in the living room. Pippi stayed in the living room with everyone present and watched the Olympics with them! This was
a huge step for this previously frightened little collie! Another big step was a recent excursion in the family van. Pippi stayed at the back of the van with the foster Mom’s sister and happily ate the bits of cheese being fed to her while the ladies chatted. Pippi has made huge strides since being cared for by her very experienced foster Mom. Thanks, Mom, for all your work with this special little one! Pippi is up to date on all her inoculations, and has been spayed. 

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