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Noel (Sheltie) - Adopted

Coat: Black & White (Slight Tan)
  Size: Small
 Gender: Male Neutered
 Age: 9
 Notes: Noel's personality is as sweet as his look. He is a sheltie with the affectionate personality of the collie. He loves to be with his foster mom and follows her around the house, or sits by her side when it is quiet time. He loves his walks and has the energy of a young adult when he goes hiking. He even follows his foster family on their rock climbing trips, although he stays on the flats with one of the family members. On walks, he has the polite manners of a gentleman, always walking beside his handler, and looking to his handler for cues on what he should do. He is affectionate with people who shower him with attention, and bounces around happily when the humans play with him appropriately. Although his former owner said he does not like other dogs, his foster family has observed that he greeted other dogs with interests, sniffing and greeting appropriately, often wanting to follow the other dogs he met when he is off leash. In the few weeks that he has been in his foster home, he has been quiet both at home and outside, rarely barked at any dog or human. He is very curious about cats, has sat and watched quietly and patiently a dog friendly cat pacing in close proximity, although he has not summoned enough courage to approach. Although he grew up in a home with young children and is currently in a foster home with an elementary school age child, his preference is to be with an adult only family, where it is quiet, and where he will be showered with attention. You will be pleasantly surprised with the affection you will received in return.
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