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Nemo (Sheltie)

Coat: Sable   Size: Small to Medium
 Gender: Neutered male  Age: 9 years
 Notes: "Update on Nemo from foster mom (September 22, 2013) - What can I say, Nemo is an absolute sweetheart! His cute factor is off the charts!!!. He is so affectionate and playful we are really enjoying him.
He is very well behaved, a bit shy still with strangers but food overcomes that! He rarely barks. He was really good with our cat sweet Elvis(cat) who never reacted negatively to dogs but sadly Elvis passed away a few weeks ago. Nemo is very gentle when he plays with us and he is starting to play with Harley our Shepherd x."

Nemo's personality is as sweet as his look. What his foster family learnt about Nemo so far..... Nemo is a cutie pie. He LOVES food and will do anything for it. When he first arrived in his foster home, he was nervous to go outside for pottying but he soon learnt to relax with his foster parents standing outside throwing bits of kibble on to the grass to relax/distract him. He is good with his nose so he may enjoy some nose work activities! He is learning leash manners when he goes on walks and is slowly learning to heal better. He doesn't seem to understand basic commands such as Sit, come, Wait etc. in English but has shown that with food and he is your friend and willing to learn. He knows to tell his family that he needs to go outside for potty by pacing and going to the door. He grew up with young children, dogs and cat, and gets along well with them. He is shy when he meets strangers but will eventually warm up to them. More description will be added when his foster parents get to know him better.

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