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Lucy (Collie)

Coat: Rough
  Size: Large
 Gender: Female (Spayed)
 Age: 3 years
 I’m Lucy – a 3 year old rough collie girl.  I’m really a big teddy bear (my foster dad calls me Lucy Bear).  I love people of all kinds including children, I love attention, I love playing with people and other dogs and with my toys, I love walks and I love food.  I love making lots of happy noise and roll on the grass when I am happy, which is almost all the time.    I have great manners, I listen well and I walk nicely on leash, except when there are squirrels – I can’t help it, I have to chase the squirrels.   Oh yeah, and bikes too.  Bikes go fast; Lucy goes fast too, which is not really the best plan.  In spite of all my playfulness and love for everyone, I’m sometimes a bit insecure when other dogs come on too strong and at times, this results in arguments with other dogs.  But then a few minutes later I forget I had an argument and go back to being a party girl and playing with them.    I would really like to have a permanent home with people who are active, to help me put all my energy to good use and to exercise my mind.  My foster family’s collie tells me that agility is a blast so I would really really like to have my permanent family take me to agility or some other dog sport.  My permanent family could have kids but if so they should be older kids because when I get excited I jump up and get a bit klutzy, and I wouldn’t want to knock a small child over accidentally.  So if there’s anybody out there looking for lots of fun and play and lovin’, then I’m your gal!

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