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Lady & Knight (shelties)

Coat: rough   Size: Small
 Gender: Lady (spayed female)
Knight (neutered male)
 Age: 10 y/o & 11 1/2 y/o
 Notes: Knight and Lady are two shelties with lovely personalities.   They have been together since Lady was a young puppy.  Lady just turned 10 y/o in August, and Knight is 11 going on 12 y/o.  

Lady's name appropriately describes her elegance, both inside and out.  She is gentle and quiet except when meals are being served, or when visitors arrive at the door. She enjoys sitting in a quiet corner of the room with her foster family, and is equally happy running around with other doggie companions in the yard of her foster home.  

Knight is a perfect gentleman.   He is gentle, quiet, and affectionate with people he knows as well as with people he meets for the first time. His foster mom calls him a "cuddle bunny" as he loves to cuddle whenever there is opportunity.  

Both Lady and Knight have not had an active lifestyle before, but since arriving in their foster home, they have started to enjoy their walks.  Although they love each other's company, they can do equally well as the only pet in their new home.  

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