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Lady (Sheltie)

Coat: Medium   Size:  small
 Gender: Female(Spayed)  Age:  12 years old

Lady is a petite (about 22 lbs) sheltie with a sweet temperament.  She is a gentle 12 years old who likes quiet days and thrives in the company of other doggie friends.   When she arrived in foster care, she has some mobility issues.  After examination by our director (a physiotherapist), we believe it may be due to long nails causing her discomfort.   Her foster family has been trimming her nails gradually with the goal of bringing her nails back to a normal length so that she will be much more comfortable and mobile.  Lady has been showing signs of improved mobility while in foster care.  Lady loves her food and eats a variety without digestive problem.  She is on a soft diet recommended by her former vet after she experienced choking/aspirating problem.   Below are updates from Lady’s foster family:

Day 1  :  It has been a little over 12 hours.  This little girl is so sweet and easy going.  Introductions to the canine boys went well.  She is so quiet you forget she is here!

Day 8:   Lady is a lovely house guest and so easy going.  I managed to trim just the very tips of her nails and she was good for that.  Her mobility seems a little better, she actually has gone up and down our back stairs but we insist that she waits for us to lift her. We can't have our little princess hurt herself!

Day 14:  We  are enjoying this delightful house guest. She has settled in nicely.  Her mobility seems a bit better.  She does still lick one of her front paws.  I am just going to take little bits of her nails at a time. She doesn't have a problem with my canine boys.  She will even get in the middle of them when they are horsing around and boss them about! She is so well behaved and well trained.  She barked and sat by the door to let me know she needed out when I tried to sleep in past 6:30 am one Saturday morning.  Such a good girl!  


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