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Junebug (Border Collie Mix)

Coat: Rough
  Size: Medium
 Gender: Female
 Age: 4 years
 Notes: I’m Junebug, I’m 4 years old, I’m a girl and I’m cute as a bug! From my picture, you can tell I’m a border collie mix, not a collie, but I’m as sweet and loving as a collie and I really needed help desperately so the nice folks at OCR took me in. I didn’t get a very good start in life, but in the couple months I’ve been in foster care I’ve been blossoming and am learning all sorts of new things including how to play and have fun. I LOVE people and am friendly with everyone, even strangers. I’m also good with other dogs and like to play. My foster mom says I have a “healthy respect” for cats – cats are fun when they run fast but they have sharp claws and don’t like it when you get too close – I guess that’s what “healthy respect” is all about. I’m pretty much a clean slate as far as training goes as I’ve never really had any although I’m a good girl and pay attention to my people. I have some challenges though. When I was younger, I had an ear infection that wasn’t treated and I have some lasting effects, known as Horner’s Syndrome. My hearing is OK but the muscles on the left side of my face are kind of slack so my ear droops, I drool a bit on the left side, don’t blink on the left side and the vision in my left eye is a bit impaired (I can see but just not far off on that side). But they’re not big challenges, nothing like what I’ve overcome in just getting to where I am now. I would love to find a forever home with a person or people who will keep an energetic dog like me busy, who has lots of attention to make up for what I missed as a youngster. Ideally that home has another friendly, playful dog who can show me the ropes and share adventures with me. Am I the dog for you?

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