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Coat: Sable, rough coat        
  Size: Medium        
 Gender: Male
 Age: 1 Yr

Meet Jacob, a handsome and loveable guy who recently came into our care. Jacob is gentle and loves to give kisses, even on your hair if he gets a chance. He gets along well with other dogs, cats, birds and is good with children. Since Jacob is still a youngster, he has lots of energy and requires regular exercise and consistency in his forever home. He's a fast learner and is getting the idea of sit, stay, come and lie down very quickly. Jacob can be a bit shy/skittish with strangers or loud/unexpected noises, but this will likely go away as he feels confidence in his new family and new environment. He is fully housetrained and is respectful in the house apart from an appreciation for shoes, which he has chewed when left unsupervised if his attention isn't diverted with more appropriate chew toys! 


Jacob is ready and waiting to become a wonderful family dog. He would thrive in a home with another dog, and would love to have a family member around the house during the day. 

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