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Coat: Rough (Sable)   Size: Medium
 Gender: Male (neutered)  Age: 7 years old

Charlie is a sweet boy and quite obedient.  He knows basic commands like sit, down, sit stay, heel, shake/paw, come, wait.    Charlie craves human company and attention from people he trusts.  He can be playful with his people when he is relaxed and away from other dogs. He loves cuddling up on the couch with his foster mom when he gets the opportunity.   With strangers, he tends to be cautious and takes time to build his trusts before he lets them touch him.  He has a very possessive nature, especially with food and his space, and guards these valuable resources from other family dogs in his foster home.   He also is known to display high herding instinct when in the company of younger children.  

Charlies has good leash manners and recalls.  He walks well on and off leash.  When he is off leash, he stays close to his people,  returning or waiting when called.  Charlie lacks confidence and is usually not comfortable in the company of other dogs, regardless of size, breed or gender.  When he is relaxed, he may meet and greet other dogs on his walks, and even offers to play, but there have been a few incidents when he got into argument with other dogs he met.  So far, he hasn't shown any reactivity to bicycles or joggers

He loves to play catch with a ball, or other toys, but isn't much into fetch or chasing a ball. 

Charlie barks when he is startled and is quite reactive to lots of different noises, from other dogs barking, the hiss of a spray can, electric tools, and hammering.  

An ideal home for Charlie is one that is calm and not busy, consisting of only adult humans with no other dogs or animals to compete for food and attention.     A family with good understanding of the herding trait, resource guarding, and reactive barking will be especially beneficial in helping Charlie overcome his issues as well as confidence building.

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