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Charles (SheltieX)

oat: Rough   Size: small
 Gender: Male, neutered  Age: Will be 7 years old in Aug 2016


Charlie is a happy-go-lucky little fellow. He lives everyday with such enthusiasm that is invigorating.  He loves to play but it has been a bit of a challenge for him...for Charlie is blind.   Charlie developed cataracts after he was diagnosed with diabetes. Fortunately, the canine opthalmology specialists who examined him are optimistic that he is a good candidate for surgery to remove the cataracts and restore his vision. The challenge OCR is facing is the lack of funds to cover the surgery cost, estimated between $3,800 to $4,200.  

On behalf of Little Charlie, we are appealing to you for your kind support and assistance in helping him with the cost of his eye surgery so that he can see again for the rest of his life.   Charlie is a young 7 year old with a lot of life still to live.

If you wish to help Charlie restore his eyesight, please send your donation by cheque, or through online donations, details is under the 'HOW YOU CAN HELP/DONATE" section.  Okanagan Collie Rescue is a federally registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency.  All donations by cheque to our administration address will be issued with tax receipts for income tax purpose.   Online donations is received through CanadaHelp, who will re-direct your donation, less their administration fee, to OCR.  Online donations will be issued tax receipts for income tax purpose by CanadaHelp. 

Thank you all generous supporters in advance!

General Description of Little Charlie:

This is Charles, although he much prefers to be called Charlie!  He is probably the sweetest little sheltie cross in the world! Charlie loves everyone he meets – dogs, cats, humans, etc. He is extremely affectionate and loves to snuggle. His favorite thing is to go on long walks with his people and other dogs – so much that he does a ‘happy dance’ every time the leash comes out! Charlie is 7 yrs of age, and is diabetic, needing insulin shots twice daily. These are easy to administer, and he is totally calm in receiving them. Charlie is blind, due to cataracts that may be are due to diabetes. He is smart and learns to ‘map out’ new environments, such that it is not evident to people that he is blind. It has been truly remarkable watching how quickly he adapts to new environments – he only has to sniff his way around once, then he knows where everything is! 

Charlie is currently in a wonderful foster home with multiple dogs where he enjoys their company.  Charlie loves being in the company of other animals, and used to sleep with a cat in his former home. We hope to find him a forever home with other animals, and a family who will care for his diabetes for the rest of his life.

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Charlie's beach play-date with other OCR collies and shelties:


 Little Charlie playing with      other doggie friends at  OCR's Summer beach    playdate..