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Bonnie (Sheltie)

Coat: Rough
  Size: Small
 Gender: Female - Spayed
 Age: 3 1/2
 Notes: Does anyone have space in their heart and home for a sweet little black and white sheltie girl? That would be for me! I’m Bonnie, and I’m 3 ½ years old. My human family developed some health issues so they had to give me up - that’s the only reason. I’m a good girl and know basic manners. When I was a puppy (with my first human family, not my second family) I wasn’t very well socialized which means that there are still a lot of things I haven’t seen before and that make me nervous. Strangers make me nervous and when people I don’t know come to my house, I hide. I’m working on being braver in my foster home though and am getting a lot better. My perfect new adoptive family would need to be patient with me and introduce me to new things gradually. They would take me to puppy class (even though I’m not a puppy) because puppy class would help me to socialize properly and would build my confidence. Other dogs make me feel confident, so my perfect adoptive home would have another easy-going dog that would help me be brave. Basically, I’m a work in progress but I have good potential.

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