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Albus (Collie)

Coat: Tri-colour, Rough coat
  Size: Large
 Gender: Male (neutered)
 Age: Approx 1 year
Albus is an 11 month old (approximately) youngster who is full of love, affection and energy.  We don’t know anything about his background but we are quickly getting to know him well in foster.  Albus looks like a tricolour rough collie but we think he might be part border collie as well, as his gait, energy level and drive are more border collie-like.  But whatever his heritage, he is a real sweetie that has won the hearts of his rescuers.    Albus came to OCR without much life experience but he has been busy catching up on all the fun he’s missed.  He is very energetic and loves playing with other dogs.  If he gets to burn off his energy in dog-play or nice long walks then he is calm and mellow.  Albus would really like a home with someone who will do training and dog sports with him.  He needs to have his exercise needs taken care of and his mind kept busy.  We think he would be particularly good at agility, or even sheep herding.  He is a quick learner, listens well and has been working on his manners and self-control by clicker training.  Albus would also like to have a dog buddy to play with in his new home.   He is good with dog-experienced cats and has been fostered by a family with young teens.  His exuberance can at times be a bit over the top so he would not be good in a home with young children that might be knocked over.  He has been neutered and brought up to date on his vaccinations while in OCR foster care.  He has been vet-checked and is healthy.

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