About Us

Okanagan Collie Rescue is a registered non-profit society which operates primarily in British Columbia and Alberta. Because the historical roots of the society are in the Okanagan, we have retained the name. OCR is dedicated to providing shelter and care to purebred and mixed-breed collies who have been abandoned or place into shelters.

Our goal is to match these ‘castaway’ collies with families who will provide a safe, loving and permanent home. We have successfully placed collies of all ages - from young adults to seniors requiring a safe haven for their golden years. OCR fosters its rescued collies in private homes throughout British Columbia and Alberta, and assists with transportation and placement of collies from other areas of Canada and the United States.

Families, couples and individuals who wish to adopt an OCR collie are required to complete an adoption form and home check visit. Our goal is to ensure that every OCR collie fits the lifestyle, needs, and expectations of the adopting family - creating a loving "forever home" for all our collies.

All dogs that come into OCR care are spayed or neutered, groomed, and receive a veterinary check-up, so that any health problems are treated before placement.

Rescued collies often have specific issues that have led to the loss of their home. Although the collie breed is a wonderful, loving family dog, they do require obedience training and time to develop into their true potential. We encourage all adopters to attend obedience or agility classes with the new members of their family.

Foster homes are always required by OCR. As a foster parent, you would provide a stable, loving temporary home for a rescued collie until a permanent placement is made. Click on How You Can Help  to find out how you can become an OCR patron.

Okanagan Collie Rescue is a registered non-profit society which operates primarily in British Columbia and Alberta. Our main purpose is to improve the quality of life for castaway purebred and mixed-breed collies - by providing rescue, foster home, and placement care services.

We are dedicated to the re-homing of our dogs into loving, adoptive, "forever" homes, each of which are carefully evaluated and screened prior to placement. We are committed to working with collie breeders to ensure the humane placement of former breeding stock.

We cooperate with humane societies and the SPCA to lessen their burden by taking responsibility for collies coming into care. Wherever possible, we work with other rescue groups to ensure that resources are shared.