About our web logo

The 'collie head' logo you see on our website is a photograph of a 17" x 19" painting done by one of OCR's patrons who started painting dogs in 2008.  This painting is of her dog Cade who came to Miriam through OCR in 2007.  Below is a larger image of the painting as well as some photographs of her subject.
Miriam Loken lives and paints in Merritt, B.C. and accepts commissions to paint animals.  To learn more about Miriam and view more of her work you can visit her website at www.withyoualways.ca
Thanks as well are due to Kim Vizi-Carmen, Creative Director at Pinerock Ridge Graphic Art & Design.

 Actual painting 17" X 19":

   This is the photo that inspired the painting:
Other images of Cade are below.   Hover your mouse over the top or bottom of image below if you would like to manually select or advance slideshow.


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