Coat:  Sable  
 Large  Contact for information
 Gender:  Male    Age:  10 months
 How to adopt
Although Sammy had a difficult start in life and actually lived feral for some time, he is now a happy dog, eager to please, and he has been quickly learning basic obedience.
Sam is a very well behaved collie who gets along well with other dogs and loves to play  (his current favourite toy is a stuffed chicken).
He is all puppy and has  provided his foster parents with endless hours of entertainment with his antics!
Sammy would do best in a home with another dog to play with and a full time caregiver. He must have access to a well fenced yard as he will wander if left alone and bored.
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Because he is so bright and willing to learn we would love to see him go to a family that would be interested in attending some training classes with him.

Update Feb 6, 2010, from his foster Mom:

Sammy is a delight. He loves to play! He has the funniest games! Very sweet and cuddly. He is just so happy... he rolls on his back a dozen times a day and does bicycle exercises, legs flying in the air and  making noises like a Wookey... you just have to smile to see him. It is just pure bliss on his part. He loves the other dogs and plays gently with them. He loves stuffies. We have been doing Retrieve the last few days. He is just thrilled to bring a toy back to me. The tail wags so hard it almost sets him off his feet. Oh, his tail.... he chases it at least once a day. He seems to have a goofy hour - where he just wants to entertain you. If you laugh...he does it all the more.

This is a very, very nice collie.

 His training is great... He learns very, very quickly. He is just so tickled with himself when he does something right...He just grins. Now he does - Sit, Down, Wait, Shake a Paw, Walk on Leash politely. He knows Off and he has stopped jumping up on people (this was really bad when he first came).

 He is not noisy outside. He will bark...particularly at the neighbour’s horses and their dogs that run loose - but it is not hysterical barking and he will be quiet as soon as you tell him to.